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Philadelphia – The City Of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia, also known as The City of Brotherly Love, played several keys roles in early
American History. It was here that the U.S.
founding fathers planned their revolution, wrote the Declaration of Independence, and
signed the constitution. The city also served as the U.S. Capitol for a while. Because the city
played such a central role in early American history, Philadelphia is home to many sites
that center around the story of America’s 18th century beginnings. It also has plenty
museums devoted to art, science, and even one devoted entirely to insects. Don’t be fooled,
though. There’s also plenty of nightlife in this culturally rich city. Philly has something for

Historic Philadelphia

People who love history will be intrigued by many of the historically rich sites in
Philadelphia. Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, is a
favorite for history enthusiasts. Visitors will immediately recognize the cracked Liberty
Bell that became a well-known symbol for freedom. Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest residential
street in America, provides a glimpse of how early colonists lived. The Declaration House,
where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in a rented room, remains
a tourist favorite.

Family Outings

Home to a zoo, an aquarium, and lots of parks and gardens, Philadelphia is a great place for
families with kids of all ages. The Adventure Aquarium features sea life and wildlife
including hippopotamuses, crocodiles, and sharks. The Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo in
America. It features tons of wild animals and even has a barnyard petting zoo.


There are hundreds of restaurants in the city that offer food for every palate. From well-
known chain restaurants to locally owned one-of-kind eateries, foodies will find whatever
they might happen to be hungry for. Honestly, though, no one should leave this city without
trying a locally-made world-famous Philly Cheese Steak at least once.

Night Life

Philadelphia also has lots to offer after dark. Whether it’s dinner and drinks, music and
dancing, or heading out to the casino for some gambling, the city presents lots of
opportunities for nighttime outings. The city comes to life at night and offers just as much
grown-up entertainment as it does family-friendly activities during the day. There are
themed pubs and bars, sports clubs, nightclubs, hipster dives, breweries, dance clubs, and
casinos just to throw out a few ideas. No one gets bored in Philly.
Make sure you choose a US-based tour company when booking your group
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York City only 90 miles away, you might also want to consider making a trip to the Big
Apple during your stay.

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