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Group Travel to Iceland For The Northern Light

Dancing above the land – amidst fire and ice – you will find one of nature’s most spectacular
wonders. Today, we will paint the beautiful picture of ‘Northern Lights’ for you.
The northern lights of Iceland are a place you must visit once in a lifetime.
Don’t believe me? Hey, that’s ok. I won’t force you to witness the mesmerizing beauty of changing
rainbow colors in an oval hanging right above the Atlantic. This one is purely for nature enthusiasts
who are eager to see uniqueness. A 180-degree angle diversion from oceans and greeneries, the
Northern lights view is pure bliss!
Let’s talk about one of the seven wonders of the world today.

Why Do I See What I See?

The northern lights are basically a result of solar particles and bring the magnetic field of Earth
and ionizing high in the atmosphere. The phenomena appear as if there are dancing lights high
in the sky – which vary in color.
Imagine the beauty of purple, blue, orange, pink, and red glow right above you. The colors
appearing here are all dependent upon the elements being ionized. Our naked eye tends to see
the green-yellow part the most because this is where the sun is emitting most of its light. But these
lights can also appear as white-gray on a cloudy night.
These beautiful lights are usually visible above the 60-degree latitude mark on the north and below
the 60-degree latitude on the south.

History of Northern Lights

Before science actually explained why we see these lights, there were many theories and stories
found in different cultures. For example, the native American groups believed that the aurora
represented the spirits of the dead. While the Old Norse believe that it was mythical female figures
who showed up after dying in battles. Finnish culture believes them to be Firefox running through
the snow. Medieval Europeans saw this as a warning for dark times ahead… and on and on, the
mythical origins of this aurora are very interesting.

Where is it Located?

Isolated right in the middle of the Atlantic, 100 – 250 kilometers above the Earth’s surface,
northern lights can be found in an auroral oval. These beautiful lights often appear to be erupting
out of volcanos – like lava – but that is just an optical illusion. Reykjanes Peninsula, a plain sight
40-50 minutes outside Iceland city, is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. You
can view these lights from Norway and Finland too but West Iceland has always provided us with
the most beautiful pictures.

5 Reasons Why a Visit to Northern Lights is MUST

Now you’d think what’s so cool about these lights. The thing is lights are an integral part of your
mood; they heighten your emotions! Here’s top 5 reasons why you absolutely HAVE to see them:

  1. It’s More Than Just ‘Lights’
    Hey, I wouldn’t have recommended you if it were a regular rainbow. Northern Lights
    bring you a uniquely picturesque view. In a land filled with hot springs, volcanoes,
    waterfalls, and black sand beaches you cannot really go wrong when choosing where to
    go. Plus all this comes with a lot of fun activities. Norway, for instance, holds an annual
    Northern Lights festival where you can enjoy live music and fun sightseeing.
  2. Huskies and Reindeers
    This is my most favorite part. You can travel around the Northern Lights territory in a sled
    pulled by reindeer or huskies. Why? Because this is the traditional way of traveling for the
    people of Finland. So yeah, you and your friends can actually make furry best friends on
    the most unforgettable natural phenomenon’s tour.
  3. Photography Time
    Got a photography enthusiast in your group? This is their time to shine! Although some of
    us just prefer to stare up at the sky – jaw-dropped – others may want to capture this view
    forever. So yes, bring out your DSLR and unleash your creativity.
  4. Unpredictable Weather
    The weather here is extremely unpredictable; you’d be seeing crystal clear skies and
    suddenly dramatic snowfall would begin. So yes, keep a coat with you. But imagine how
    beautiful this experience is in itself!
  5. The City and Wilderness
    Once you enter Iceland, know that it’s not just about the Northern Lights. You will also find
    cafe scenes, buzzing bars, and oh, colorful buildings. You can head out into the city, or
    dive back into the wilderness – totally up to you!
    Final Words
    Watching the Northern Lights is an unreal, heavenly experience. This marvel made its way
    through folklore and is currently one of the most fascinating scientific phenomenons of the world.
    Would you like to experience the wonder that millions of people have on their bucket lists? Well,
    American Journeys International can arrange it for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it –
    because you totally deserve this vacation.
    …and oh, just to let you know, we are following all COVID-19 guidelines.
    Happy Travelling!
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