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How To Plan A Garden Tour In Netherlands?

Garden Tour Of Netherlands is full of manicured gardens lined with winding canals. From the 16th century, it has been the uncrowned king of the world’s horticulture industry, featuring French-styled parks and striking tulip displays. Its low-lying landscape and maritime climate evoke the classical ambiance of romanticism.

Meanwhile, it is the real-life Wonderland for plantsmen, thus, sits on the top of their bucket lists.

A fun-filled garden tour in the Netherlands is an experience like no other. And the coming year provides the best opportunity to witness it. This guide explains how to squeeze the most out of your trip!  

Naar de bollen; naar die prachtige bollen

Waar je sprakeloos geniet

Van de kleuren, die je ziet

Want die zie je maar eenmaal in het jaar

A famous Dutch song, meaning “to the bulb fields; to the magnificent bulb fields/ where one can enjoy speechlessly/ the colors that you see/ for you can see them only once a year.”

What are the top-rated places for garden tours in the Netherlands?

Following is the list of recommended sites and galas you can put to your garden tour of Netherlands’ to-do list. 

● Keukenhof, Lisse

Keukenhof is the hub of the country’s botanical prowess. It has a vast park and four pavilions, making it the largest in the world.

It showcases seven million spring bulbs, including aromatic roses, blooming daffodils, and famous tulips. The welcomes visitors from late March to mid-May.

Your garden tour in the Netherlands will never complete without strolling through these majestic plantations. Its 2022 theme is ‘Flowers Classics’ that will reflect the role of blossoms in shaping our history.    

● Royal Flora Holland, Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer is keeping the North Holland’s scented lore with perennials alive.

Royal FloraHolland – a flower auction company – is the main attraction here. You’d be surprised to know that 20 million exotic flowers are sold every day. If you want to adorn your vases with tulips or lilies, reserve a day for the Royal house on your garden tour in the Netherlands.

The city also boasts numerous estate parks. Historische Tuin is a floral museum that sweeps its visitors off their feet.     

● The Bounties of Amsterdam

Thanks to the medieval castles and rustic woods, Netherlands’ capital becomes the priority of green panthers.

A self-drive tour of Amsterdam requires several weeks. Each cranny preserves a fairy-tale lawn that casts charming spells on beholders. Few renowned spots are the Singer Sculpture Garden, Amsterdamse Bos, Hortus Botanicus, and Voldenpark.

Here in January, National Tulip Day is celebrated like Christmas. And Open Garden Days unlock the doors of thirty city parks for three days.

● De Tuinen van Appeltern

De Tuinen (The Gardens of Appeltern) is a mosaic of stunning meadows, landscapes, and architecture. It is a true inspiration for designers, architects, and authors.

It hosts 200 model gardens. Also, a plant market, sketching pavilion, and exploration areas await your arrival. If won’t be wrong to declare it the ‘locus of trends.’

Annual Garden Festival takes place in June, which adds ten new gardens over the 23-hectare ground. Many garden tours in Netherlands kick off from this garden.

● Het Loo, Apeldoorn

King William III had the Het Loo Palace built in 1685. He and his wife, Mary Stuart, used it as a summer getaway while the spectacular ornaments impressed the guests.

How spectacular were they? Its nickname “Dutch Versailles” is enough to unfold!

It was restored and remodeled in the 1980s before opening as a museum. Het Loo is a baroque garden with geometric flowerbeds covered with appealing shrubs, trees, groves, and sculptors against the backdrop of the 17th-century palace.

● Floriade Expo

Dutch Horticultural Council establishes an international exposition every ten years. Luckily, the seventh Floriade will be held in Almere from April 14-October 9, 2022.  

Its objective – Growing Cities Green – is to figure out innovative ways of countering urbanization and climate change.

Be the lucky one – attend this horticultural exhibition of 40 countries sprawling over sixty hectares. This massive presentation will create a converging point of all green pastures from the North Sea to River Maas.

What is the best time for nature lovers to visit Holland?

From previous two years have been devastating for travel enthusiasts. Even flower parades and carnivals were called off due to the pandemic.

But the government has eased restrictions after the vaccine rollout. As of June 24, US citizens can travel throughout the EU destinations.

It will take 10 hours from New York and 11 hours from Los Angeles to land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

 So, 2022 is the best year to plan an adventurous garden tour in the Netherlands.  Low Countries have breezy and pleasant temperatures. In order to see green glory, April and May will be suitable months because summer is the peak season.

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  • Ingredients: Keukenhof, Gardens of Appeltern, Aalsmeer Flower Auction, Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum, Floriade Expo
  • Sightseeing: Kroller-Muller Museum, Canal Cruise in Burges and Amsterdam, Kinderdijk, Rijksmuseum
  • Amenities: Accommodation, Transportation, Meals, Drinks, Multilingual Tour Guide, Travel Insurance
  • Tour Dates: Thursday, May 5 – Friday, May 13, 2022

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