You are currently viewing 7 Hottest City Breaks Croatia Guided Tours Have For You!

7 Hottest City Breaks Croatia Guided Tours Have For You!

7 Hottest City Breaks Croatia Guided Tours have for you.

Croatia has the world’s finest city break destinations at the heart of the Balkans. With a magical blend of antiquity and modernity, it mimics a perfect European holiday.

You’ll venture into walled towns perched on the idyllic Adriatic coastline. Also, they feature the coziest market squares and well-preserved Roman architecture. In short, you can tick off a thousand items on your bucket list after visiting the “Land of Thousand Islands.”

However, only guided tours are rewarding in Croatia. They shake off last-minute hassles, such as sold-out hotels or skyrocketing prices.

Below are the seven trendy Croatian cities you can pick for your next vacation packages.


Dubrovnik is called the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” but it is more of a treasure chest in reality. Located on the country’s southern tip, it has a fascinating backdrop of Mount Srd and turquoise waters. The Old Town greets with its towering walls and narrow alleys marked with orange rooftop houses.    

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’d recognize it as Kings Landing.

Apart from all the gardens and beaches, it is the home of many attractions. An 11th-century fort and an even older Cathedral impress the visitors.    

2. Split

Split has emerged as the new capital of tourism. The peninsula sits a little far from Dalmatian Coast. It was a summer getaway of Roman Emperor Diocletian. The stunning palace still captures the glory of the past.

It is a concave of Instagram-worthy spots. The highlights include Jupiter’s Temple, Peristil Square, St Duje’s Cathedral, and Egyptian Sphinx monuments. But don’t forget the maze marble walkways dotted with tempting cafes and eateries.

Outside of the palace, Split makes a striking guided tour. Walk in Riva, snorkel in Bacvice Beach, and shop from Green Market.

3. Pula

If you think the Colosseum of Rome is the only remnant of gladiatorial fights, think again! Pula, the champion city of Istria, is home to diverse cultures, stretching from roman to the Venetian twist.

The major attraction is its large amphitheater. It is a one-of-a-kind arena due to undestroyed circular walls. It still hosts adrenaline-pumping festivals, concerts, and galas all year. The Temple of Augustus also stands in the center of Pula Forum.

Pula has jumped on the travelers’ minds because it remains unspoiled with excellent cuisine.         

7 Hottest City Breaks Croatia Guided Tours

4. Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city lying further inland. It boasts an energetic metropolis charm with historical accents. Zagreb also switches the Mediterranean influence in the country to Austro-Hungarian architecture.

The city is divided into Upper Town (Gornji Grad) and Lower Town (Donji Grad). The former is jam-packed with ancient buildings and cobblestone streets. However, the lower town is more thrilled, featuring museums and National Theater.

One best place to start exploring Zagreb is Ban Jelacica Square. It has a statue of a Croatian general. This orientation point is situated in the center of both upper and lower towns. So, toss a coin for which way to hit first!    

5. Sibenik

Sibenik is yet another medieval-era coastal city. It has a rich cultural heritage that pours atop gothic and renaissance buildings.

Four magnificent fortresses surround the town. They deliver an inward sight to the multitude of churches and monasteries, capturing everyone’s attention. You can expect to bungee jump from the hill, attend a fun-filled beach festival, or seeing a panoramic view from Pelegrini’s roof.

The city is unique in all Croatia because of the twin natural reserves of waterfalls and lakes. It is a crossover of both Krka and Kornati National Parks.  

6. Hvar

Hvar is a picturesque island off the Dalmatian Coast. It is one of the largest and breathtaking cities in the Croatian archipelago. Remove your summer cravings, pack your swimwear, and enjoy a sun-dazed break at Hvar Town like no other!

A ferry can transport you from Split to Hvar within an hour.

Do you want to know the top three things about the isle?

Its old town has impressive landmarks of the Byzantium era and gleaming cobbled alleys. Furthermore, Hvar goes beyond Mediterranean cuisine and serves all Eurasian food. Lastly, Hvar provides an endless string of beaches to sunbathe in daylight and party at night.   

7. Zadar

Zadar is a three-thousand-year-old city that retains a fair share of old and new. Filled with the love of water sports and ice-creams, this underrated paradise must be a part of your guided tour to Croatia.

It displays numerous Roman ruins and old churches. Primary focal points are the Roman Forum and 5th-century St. Anastasia Cathedral. The Archaeological Museum, housed in the Roman Forum, tells ancient tales.

Zadar is also an authentic and laid-back beach vacation. Its solar-powered lit, hip-hop intensive marvels of Sea Organ and Sun Salutation are true marvels.

Did someone say a 5-in-1 guided tour?

American Journeys International has once again lived up to its travel prowess. The Jewels of Croatia is an ultimate eight-day trip, coupling five city breaks in one package.

This guided tour will kick off from all-time favorite Dubrovnik. Then, you’d advance north to Split, Zadar, and Zagreb. The best day trip ever to Hvar is also promised.

Bonus Trip: En route to Zagreb, the group will stop by the wondrous Plitvice National Park. It is a cluster of sixteen lakes connected by waterfalls, varying in altitude and color. Strolling along the wooden walkways and tracing aquatic bodies is a heavenly experience of 7 Hottest City Breaks Croatia Guided Tours have for you.

It is a distinctive and can’t-miss guided tour ever offered for Croatia.

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