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Best Multi-day Group Tour Packages To Iceland: Top Things To Do And See!

Iceland has traveled from an off-the-radar place to dominate our news feeds. Its romance with snow-covered volcanoes and miles of black sand beaches is mystical. And the best way to witness the glorious land of ice and fire is by joining a multi-day group tour package.

American Journeys International manages excellent holiday trips to Europe. Our group tour packages are tailored to suit your lifestyle while turning your travel dreams into reality. Also, we address customers’ safety concerns, health issues, and diet changes.            

If Nordic scenery thrills you to the bits, check out our top-rated packages taking off one after another. This guide will help you choose an ideal multi-day trip to Iceland! 

Top Five Activities In Group Tour Packages For Iceland

Iceland is a mosaic of diverse features. It has giant icebergs on the one hand and fiery lavas on another. Similarly, the quiet countryside attractions run parallel to the vibrant nightlife of Reykjavik. Therefore, travel companies orchestrate group tour packages for specific adventures.

Following are the five tours recommended by the savviest travelers. You’d like to put one or more of them into your bucket list.

● Volcano Hikes

Hiking a volcano evokes an image of a suicide mission. However, not all volcanoes are active or dangerous. And they provide other-worldly opportunities to trace lava signs against ashes and bare rocks.

Recently, the Geldingadalsgos eruption set the headlines. Daredevils are still rushing to Reykjanes Peninsula to behold this once-in-a-millennia display. Other famous sites include notorious Mount Eyjafjallajokull, Three Peaks Crater, Katla Volcano, and Geldingadalir.

Choose a guided/jeep/group tour package for volcano hikes. Mostly, they are not too far from icebergs and caves. So, you’ll get a fun-filled combo deal – all you have to do is buy hiking boots.        

● Waterfall Hunting

Icelandic waterfalls rule the postcards. They double the appeal of impressive landscapes with crystallized cascades in summer and frozen stakes in winter. Some falls are world-renowned, whereas others hide in meadows on remote paths.

Group tour packages for Iceland are never complete without the charm of waterfalls.

Seljalandsfoss is probably the most stunning one. With a sixty-meter drop and a recessed cave, it offers jaw-dropping and filtered sights of sprawling fields.

Furthermore, Skogafoss (home of rainbows), Gullfoss (two-tiered drop), and Svartifoss (white curtain moving over black basalt columns) are must-see venues.           

● RGB Tours

RGB tour is the most acclaimed itinerary. They cover the top three destinations: Reykjavik, Golden Circle, and Blue Lagoon.

  • Reykjavik is not a big capital city but a chilly one. It’s packed with cafes and restaurants, sweeping the bar crawlers off their feet. Also, it hosts an international airport and tons of music festivals.
  • Golden Circle is a 300-km route having natural wonders at each corner. Thingvellir National Park sits at a distance of 45-minute drive from Reykjavik. The other two attractions are Geysir Geothermal Area and Gullfoss Waterfall.
  • Blue Lagoon is unique to Iceland. It is a naturally occurring spa, a hot tub with therapeutic properties. It is a pleasant detour from tiresome tasks. You will have to hop on a bus from Reykjavik.

● Northern Lights

On clear sky of winter nights, here dance the celestial lights. The Aurora Borealis is a solar phenomenon that suddenly casts emerald hues on magnetic poles. And as it happens, Iceland is located on one.

Many group tour packages solely focus on the Northern Lights. However, the sight is unpredictable, and enthusiast excursionists declare it a once-in-a-lifetime wish.

Snowy fields, frozen waterfalls, and heavenly sunsets make Iceland a Disneyland. If you get lucky, Northern Lights can be the cherry on top.     

● Road Trips

Few things are as epic as a road trip. Imagine sitting with your lifelong buddies or partner and seeing the wondrous sites from car glass.

Speaking of such a journey, Iceland is the first country to ring the bells. Its Ring Road encircles the entire island. You’ll stumble upon all volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and extraordinary places Iceland has to offer.

Ring Road is also entirely paved and lined with gas stations and grocery stores.

However, the speeding limit, parking spots, and off-the-road driving permission keep changing as you progress. Therefore, crash in a campervan with a 7-day group tour package.

Hear, hear! Welcome to the upcoming tour

American Journeys International presents a six-day “Taste of Iceland” group tour package for 2021 and 2022. We’re waiting for your incredible party to embark with us.

The trip will start from Reykjavik in a loop through southern Iceland. You’ll have a full day exploring Golden Circle and its awe-inspiring bounties. Other famous stops are Skogafoss Waterfall, Blue Lagoon, and Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.

This tour also delivers laid-back opportunities on black sand beaches and an adventurous afternoon on Skaftafell. Worry not! Jokulsarlon glacial lake and LAVA center museum make that ice and fire deal too.

This affordable group tour package for Iceland includes free meals, drinks, accommodation, and transportation. Also, we’ll give travel essentials (backpack, adapter, and document wallet) to all group members.   

Iceland Packing List

If traveling is Hollywood, Iceland is Los Angeles.

It shows uncertain weather conditions, so come with layers! Bring cold-weather attire, an umbrella, and rain-proof jackets with you. Keep your documents in our organizer, such as I.D., passport, boarding passes, and insurance cards.

If you forget smaller items, hit thrift stores in downtown Reykjavik. Flying Tiger is the best apparel store. 

Ultimately, the seasonal and individual requirements will shape your travel checklist.

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