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Have the Ultimate American Journeys International Vacation in Hawaii: Oahu And Big Island

If Hawaii isn’t on your group travel bucket list, you should tear the list to shreds and start a new one. Not only is Hawaii the hottest vacation spot in the world, but it is also the most sensual one. The variety you will get in Hawaii can’t be compared; be it food, beaches, water sports, adventures, hikes, or people, Hawaii has it all. However, it can be a little confusing for first-time travelers if you don’t know which island to visit.

The most common mistake tourists make is that they think they can experience the best of both worlds when in Hawaii, i.e., Oahu and The Big Island, in one go. However, if you are short on time, visiting both islands isn’t suggested.

Here’s a quick overview of both islands and how you can get the best out of them in your group travel tour.

Big Island

As the name suggests, the Big Island has all the variety in the world at your feet. From snow-covered mountains to lush green Plains and white and black beaches, the Big Island offers variety, beauty, and diversity all in one. To enjoy the luxuries and sights of the Big Island, you should stay here at least for a week. Big Island is ideal if you are on group travel with like-minded people who want to experience nature at its most vulnerable and finest.

A week here is enough to do justice to the volcanoes, have outdoor adventures, and enjoy delicacies at open spaces. Although the Big Island has a lot to offer, the most unique is the climate; it has eight climate zones.  Moreover, if you are going to see the volcanoes especially, the only active volcano is on the Big Island

Big Island in a Nutshell

  1. Exotic Climate Zones: You can explore all eight climate zones; all you need is a car and a passion for traveling from one site to another in quick succession. You can go from the snowy peak of Mauna Kea to nature’s most picturesque beaches with white, black, and green sands to keep your wild soul satisfied.
  2. Say HI to the Manta Rays: Attend the Manta Ray party and experience the giants up close at Night waters. You can either swim, dive or snorkel to catch a glimpse of evasive Manta-Ray. It’s one party you shouldn’t miss when in Hawaii.
  3. Experience the Wonders at the Active Volcano Site: The Big Island has five volcanoes, whereas Oahu has two, but none of the two at Oahu are active. So, to experience the fire and fierce of an active volcano, the Big Island should be your target spot.
  4. Majestic End of the Day: When the day ends, you may feel your adventures at the Big Island have come to an end, but you are yet to see the beauty of Mauna Kea summit as the sun goes down and the night returns with its full glory. 

All the diversity that Hawaii has to offer is in Big Island, from food to great outdoor adventures to beaches and volcanos. The Big Island will not disappoint if you are looking for an extended vacation in Hawaii.


Oahu is the most popular and the most populous tourist spot due to housing the capital of Hawaii – Honolulu. Despite being smaller than the Big Island, Oahu is where most tourists end up when they visit Hawaii.

Most group travel companies prefer to lead their parties to Oahu due to the largest number of accommodations it has to offer. Needless to say, Oahu knows how to cater to American Journeys International. Apart from the typical tourist resorts, you can rent private estates on the chill North Shore. If that’s not your cup of tea, get a luxe room in Ko Olina; the choices when it comes to luxury accommodations are endless in Oahu.

Apart from mountains and local beaches, you will love the communities and culture Oahu has to offer. If you are on a budget and a tight schedule, this is where you should be on your next trip to Hawaii.

Oahu in a Nutshell

The Many Beaches of Oahu:

The beaches at Oahu can’t be compared to any in the world. With dozens of white-sanded beaches, you can easily find yourself in a secluded spot and enjoy the Hawaiian waves. Oahu offers you an authentic glimpse of Hawaii’s high tides, Surfers as well as the best possible climate to enjoy the sun and sea. Lanikai Beach, Hanauma Bay, Waimea Bay, not to mention the long soft white sand beach at Waikiki, is where you should spend your days when in Oahu.

The Nightlife of Oahu:

Are you on group travel with your mates? Well then, Oahu is the perfect place to enjoy the unmatchable food, nightlife, and parties at Oahu. Get a list of the best restaurants and bars in Honolulu, and let’s get going. Open past midnight, there is no need for you to return to your hotel till late. When we say Oahu has the best community and culture, we stand by it; observe and enjoy the many late-night events at Waikīkī, Kakaako, and Chinatown.

The Visit to Pearl Harbor for the History Buff:

I am sure you want to make your group trip to Hawaii worthwhile, so we suggest you take a ride to Pearl Harbor. You can both organize a tour with group travel or check out the site individually, however standalone; you will need more time to explore than with a group tour. However, both the video and a boat ride at Pearl Harbor are worth the time and effort.

Wrap Up

A group travel, Hawaiian vacation is all you need to unwind and relax. For a fast-paced and adventure-based time, Oahu is your island. However, if you are looking for leisure activities and spreading out your vacation over a week, The Big Island is undoubtedly the place to be. Book your group travel tour with American Journeys International to get the best out of both islands.

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