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Experience the Best of Ireland

Beauty and History aside, today we are talking about a country famous for its lively atmosphere.
Yes, it’s the Game of Thrones’ famous Ireland!
If you are a fan of hiking, road trips, discovering castles, exploring natural wonders, and enjoying
the beautiful countryside, group travel to Ireland!

Group Travel to Ireland – The Perfect Holiday Destination

The gorgeous country of Ireland is all about iconic sights, jaw-dropping landscapes, and rich
history. The scene-stealing beauty and spectacular pre-historic sights are what make it a dream
tourist destination. But where to start from and where to end? Don’t worry, we have the perfect
trip planned for you!
Let’s start from Dublin!

Dublin – Start with Glamour!

Cozy Cafes, Bustling Markets, Dozens of Bridges, Fancy Dining, and oh, fresh seafood – Dublin
is everybody’s favorite place to start the trip with. You HAVE to visit Dublin city at least once.
Why? Because for one, it perfectly represents the culture and beauty of Ireland, and two, there’s
so much fun all year round! Every month, there seems to be a new list of shows, exhibitions,
concerts, matches, etc. It is all glam and glitz.
If you are not a fan of that, head to Phoenix Park, or the mesmerizing Iveagh Gardens – which are
all about long walks and nature’s beauty. The Dublin city also offers you a truly beautiful view of
the coast and seaside; just head north!
…and how could I forget the infamous craic! Dubliners are famous for their 1000s and 1000s of
picturesque bars – peek into one of those, if you like.

Galway – The Rustic Beauty!

About 200KM from Dublin city lies the glamourous Galway. A city of just 80,000 – this one is all
about conflicting cultures and Atlantic traditionalism. Here, you will find nothing like Dublin.
Galway is more like a relaxed, unafraid, rustic beauty – which is what attracts me the most about
Galway is popular for its Salthill promenade which is basically a long stretch of the seaside
walkway lined with high-end hotels and shops. The Galway bay offers a turquoise view of the
frosty Atlantic with the sunset backdrop.
The views are worth dying for. But if that’s not enough for you, always remember that you can
reroute towards the Claddagh ring museum or the Connacht rugby club – whatever the mood

Cliffs of Moher – Time for Hiking & Trekking

About 75km from Galway, a new world greets you. We are talking about 14kms of towering,
jagged (about 700ft high) cliffs – crashing with waves and swooping in birds. Yes! It’s the infamous
Cliffs of Moher.
Now the name is quite self-explanatory as to why you HAVE to see this. But if you are not
convinced yet, let me tell you; these cliffs are super easy to get to! This little, colorful place offers
you the most breathtaking views.
From the Cliffs of Moher, you can see the Ailwee caves, Burren landscape, and 15+ amazing
sights! Not to mention the funny puffins, squawking seagulls, and the massive whales!

The Blarney Castle – Watch Your Step!

Enjoyed the hiking? Now take the N20 and travel 168kms more. Our next stop, Blarney Castle,
an old old castle that holds the ‘gift of eloquence. People from around the world climb this castle
to kiss the Blarney Stone – which is said to make someone eloquent.
This castle is surrounded by 60 acres of waterways, gardens, arboretums, and avenues. You’ll
witness colors and lush greenery all around the rusty, old building. The stairs are all steep, windy,
and narrow. So yeah, tour through the 500 old castle, explore the rooms, go through tunnels, and
finally get to the Blarney Stone.
This spot is not great for kids – it’s more of active adult travel.

Waterford – A Breath of Fresh Air!

Now let’s take the N25 and head to Waterford. Why, you ask? That’s the oldest city in Ireland…
and it holds the legacy of being the oldest glass-making industry. But, that’s not all.
Waterford has many attractions including the Viking Triangle, Bishop’s Palace, and Reginald’s
tower, to name a few. This 900+-year-old county has the Copper coast, which by the way, is one
of the sweetest strips of coastline in entire Ireland. Apart from that, Waterford has the Comeragh
mountains, with Mahon Falls and Corrie Lake.
The best part about Waterford is its beautiful, little village Ardmore. Ardmore dates back to times
of monastic settlements. You will find wrecks and prehistoric sites along with some of Ireland’s
finest towers.
…and done! Once you have walked around Waterford, it is time to head back to Dublin – a 170KM

Final Words

Ireland is a country rich in history, modern in culture. If your office has finally given you the longawaited two weeks off, this is where your active adult travel should be to! Oh, and no need to
worry about who will handle your travels because American Journeys International is all set to
arrange the perfect trip for you and your friends. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to group
travel to Ireland!

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